hello frens and emenies this is lillian collar's web zone

i will put all my cool hyperlinks here and maybe some other stuff, this is the 21st century we all deserve a place like this
my twitter page!!!!
youtube page for videos
my wishlist for goodies
bandcamp where i buy musics...
my lastfm where you can see what im listening to (and talk to me about it :D)
dont really use FA that much but hey i got one!
letterboxd account where i keep track of movies and stuff
im interested in creating audio/visual arts so once i get good at that i will probably be using this silly site as well as others to host my arts, but it takes a while to get good at stuff and feel comfortable sharing it. i like watching all kinds of cartoons, anime, western, etc. i like surreal media too, stuff thats hard to wrap ya head around. my favorite kinds of music are usually artists who arent afraid to do their own thing even if it ends up sounding like shit, that takes effort.

next up are some of my favorite picture ive found on the internetz,, check em out please!!

warning,,.. not safe for wurk topics right here

im into lots of weird stuff incase u may be unaware... some of this might make people uncomfortable but that shouldnt stand in the way of frenship! we all like our own weird things and i think its healthy to talk about them. below is a small list of things im into and if youre into too, then thats pretty cool!!!!

  • vore lol
  • stuffing/tummies/fats
  • macro/micro/shrinking
  • size difference in general is p cool too
  • very basic but feet/paws can be hot sometimes
  • sweats n bodily fluids like saliva
  • pee, lots of peepee i love pee
  • the ABDL community is great

anyways i really hope we can become frens if you dont know me and youre reading this for the first time!! my discord is @lil#1032